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Meet the Founders


Dan Putnam is a successful entrepreneur with nearly 25 years of full-time network marketing experience. Recognized as one of the premier experts in the direct selling industry, he has built multiple large organizations – reaching the highest achievement levels in several different companies and creating over six-figure and seven-figure incomes in each.

Over the last decade, Dan has used his vast expertise to develop and implement "turn-key" marketing and business-building systems for several companies, which have helped tens of thousands of home-based business owners effectively and efficiently build their businesses. His systems focus on teaching people a step-by-step recipe for success that can be tailored to meet each user's personal business goals. Dan believes anyone can build a successful home-based business as long as they are willing to put forth the effort and plug into a proven system.

In addition to building Big Business, Dan is noted for helping coach and create multiple six-figure yearly income earners throughout his career. Dan graduated from Southern Utah University in 1996 with a degree in Psychology and now is passionate about helping others get started in their own business while they are in college, so they too can have the freedom to choose to do something they are passionate about.


Travis Martin is committed to building real meaning in the LurraLife culture with every opportunity and person he meets. He has built his career through various marketing and business development roles and brings to LurraLife an unmatched versatility on the corporate side of network marketing. In addition to having over 20 years of experience representing direct sales companies in a marketing and sales capacity, in 2013 Travis co-founded a health supplement company that has gone on to make multi-millions and change thousands of lives.

Personable and inspirational, Travis is passionate about sharing the incredible opportunity that the direct sales industry offers. He has a wonderful ability to connect with every person he meets and is also an instant favorite when speaking to groups of thousands. Moreover, he has a true understanding of international cultures and social mores thanks in part to his time living in Japan and traveling extensively throughout Europe for company business.

Travis feels a profound connection to the ocean, which started from his childhood growing up in Southern California with his brother Derek. Driven to live life to the fullest, he believes in riding each of life’s currents by staying active. This infectious enthusiasm for adventure and personal fulfillment is in harmony with the LurraLife brand.


Dr. Derek Martin is excited to be part of the LurraLife Team. He believes that building relationships from the heart will bring joy, pride, and satisfaction. By improving a person’s health and activities through the LurraLife brand, Dr. Martin believes that a person will become part of a community that will help better their lives. Through his studies and experiences, Dr. Martin is excited about working to build a community that helps activate a new way of life, a LurraLife.

Dr. Martin received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology from UCLA, in which he learned about the interactions between biological systems and behavior. He also received his Master’s Certificate in Public Health from the University of North Carolina, which trained him in the field of community and public health. Currently, Dr. Martin has a private practice dental office in northern part of San Diego. His Doctor of Medicine degree in osteopathic medicine provided him with the knowledge of how all the parts of the body work together and influence one another. You must look at a person as a whole before reaching a diagnosis.


Rich Johnson brings to LurraLife a wealth of business experience and has a long track record of successful company development. Over his professional career, he has started and owned multiple companies, one of which was recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 Rankings as one of the fastest growing franchises. Rich currently owns a remodeling company that has been in the top 200-500 remodeling companies in the United States since 2009 according to Qualified Remodeler and Remodeler Magazines. He has also served on the Board of Directors for a renewable energy company.

Rich has been in the multilevel marketing arena for many years as a distributor and – as an entrepreneurial business person – recognizes the power and potential this industry offers to people to have their own successful home-based business.

Growing up most of his life in Alaska, Rich developed a love and appreciation for the great outdoors starting at a young age. To this day, he continues to be involved in outdoor activities and has a strong connection to nature.


Johnathan Bryant is honored to be part of the LurraLife Executive Team and is excited to help support the members in the valuable mission of our company. Jonathan first started his career in the health and fitness industry at the age of twenty as an executive running multiple fitness facilities. After a few years of working in corporate America, he was introduced to the network marketing industry and has loved it ever since. Since then he has built multiple six-figure income businesses due to his love for people, true passion for health and wellness, and belief in the transformative power of making meaningful connections. For over a decade now, Johnathan has worked in the field as a full-time distributor and team leader, so he knows what it takes to build lasting success through hard work and great relationships.

Johnathan was born and raised in West Texas and still lives there with his wife Amy and their four children. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys being active and traveling. Experiencing what our Earth truly has to offer through our industry is what drives him and his family to create a lasting legacy here at LurraLife